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Senior Directors: Mr. H. M. Marda and Mr. S. K. Poddar

Operations: Mr. Vikash Marda and Mr. A. V. Poddar

Sales & Marketing: Mr. Ajay Agarwal


Mr H M Marda

Mr. H.M. Marda

Mr. H.M. Marda is a qualified Chartered Accountant who started with the Birla group of companies in a senior management position. After seven years of corporate experience, he joined the Emami group of companies managing various divisions such as Emami Foods and Emami Paper Mills, among others in over a decade. During the course of this time he was resident in Russia for 5 years and consequently ventured into an independent commercial venture in Russia. Subsequently, Mr. Marda returned back to India and joined Mr. Poddar to lead the CMI group with continuing operations in Russia and India. With extensive experience in diverse manufacturing industries, international trade and Forex operations, Mr. Marda is the guiding figure for strategic planning and operational growth of the group ventures.

Mr S. K . Poddar
Mr. Sunil K. Poddar:

Mr. S. K. Poddar is also a qualified Chartered Accountant turned first generation entrepreneur. Like Mr. Marda, Mr. Poddar too started with a senior management position in the Birla Group of companies and within a few years launched a successful practice as a professional Chartered Accountant and financial advisor. Shortly thereafter, he changed tracks to develop a manufacturing and export business that has since grown into the flagship company of the CMI group. With over three decades of experience now and assisted by a lean, efficient staff, Mr. Poddar handles all the financial operations of the many diverse companies in the CMI group. He is presently focusing on financial planning, resource mobilization, and formulation of corporate growth strategies. Along with Mr. Marda, he also scouts for new acquisitions & emerging business opportunities for expansion of overall business operations of the group.
Mr. Vikash Marda
Mr. Vikash Marda

The son of Mr. H. M. Marda, Vikash spent 14 years in the United States where he gained a masters degree from a leading university and then worked as software development professional. Subsequently he returned back to India and changed tracks completely to join the manufacturing focused CMI group. Vikash looks after the operations of one of the two apparel manufacturing units of CMI. He is also active in market development and marketing activities for apparel and bags for both the export and Indian markets.
Mr Aditya V. Poddar

Mr. Aditya V. Poddar

Aditya is also a certified Chartered Accountant and has been leading the first apparel manufacturing unit of CMI for over a decade. Under his leadership the unit has doubled in space and manufacturing capacity has grown by more than three times. Many of the quality and operational systems in use for apparel manufacturing at CMI today were developed under his guidance. Along with operations, he also takes part in marketing and promotions activities for apparel exports.